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     I utilised their upholstery cleaning service and had my sofa cleaned. It looks brand new! They left it in such a great condition. I'll certainly be hiring Cleaning Companies Collier Row again.
Eleanor T19/05/2020
     These cleaners are some of the best I've used. They are efficient and got the entire flat done in about two hours. I have already contracted them to clean my rental property. I highly recommend their cleaning services.
Bill O.20/09/2019
     It's convenient to call CollierRowCarpetCleaners and hire their cleaners, but I don't just book with them because they're convenient, I hire their services because I want to. They're just exceptional and always have been, provided everything I need from a professional service.
Jimmy V.22/08/2017
     I really needed some help cleaning my office. As much as I tried to keep on top of the cleaning myself I just didn't have the time to do it all and my health began to suffer as a result. There was just too much dust and dirt around, and my once lovely office was an uncomfortable place to be. Collier Row Carpet Cleaner gave me exactly what I needed in the form of their office cleaning services. I got way more for my money than I ever could have expected, and I will be using them regularly in the future.
Rachel Roberts 10/02/2016
     After I had my new baby, I was unable to dedicate time for cleaning the mess that my flat had become. My neighbour passed me the reference for Carpet Cleaning Collier Row's cleaning services, and I am amazed with the way they undertook the job. The quality of workmanship was excellent and reasonably priced. I have, since then, hired their services thrice.
Linda Jones08/05/2015
     Before we had kids my wife and I weren't using the garage for much other than just parking the car but with three kids, pets and a lot of junk along the way our garage is always fit to burst. Getting it clean is such a task and we're always worried about the kids getting in the way and getting hurt. So my wife and I decided to hire CollierRowCarpetCleaners because they are so well known for their house cleaning services. We got a great cleaning service at reasonable rates and are garage is completely clutter-free and organised.
     Recently was put in charge of hiring a professional company for industrial cleaning work, starting at a local hospital ward. It is really important to find a team that will not cut corners and are completely professional because cut corners in medical environments can, in worst case scenarios, cost lives. I have been delighted with what I have seen from CollierRowCarpetCleaners a fast, flexible and professional clean. They have all listened very carefully and stuck to task well so it is clear that they are the professionals in this game. Hoping for a long and happy partnership with your great team.
Scott T.08/04/2014
     My neighbour hired CollierRowCarpetCleaners to give her house a clean after she broke her leg, and I was more than impressed with the job they did on her house, so I chose to give them a call myself. I wanted more time to myself and I was sick of wasting hours and hours on my household chores. I was never any good at cleaning up anyway, but my new house cleaner is amazing! Everything always looks fantastically clean and I can't imagine anyone could do a better job! It's a really quick and easy service that I just can't stop talking about to everyone I meet!
Susan Poynter17/12/2013

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